Cloudberry Interiors.


My services can be broken into two categories:





Is simply that.  I come you your home and we can work through any ideas you want:


Paint colours – interior and exterior

Window treatment options

Furniture options



Bathrooms  –  tiles and fittings

Kitchens – finishes and fittings

Laundry – finishes and fittings



Anything really to do with how your home looks and functions.  We can work through how to layout the room, colour scheme, furniture size and scale etc. I can design kitchens, bathrooms, laundries and suggest finishes.



Generally a Consultation takes about two hours, after that clients start glazing over and look like they need a cup of tea and a lie down!


Depending on the size and scope of your project – one consult may be all you need, again it depends on your needs.


From consultation you may like to go and and source things on your own – or have me Supply Goods.



I have access to some wonderful Wholesalers – many of whom don’t supply shops.

Rugs, custom window treatments, lamps, blinds, fabric, furniture and wallpaper are just some of the items I can access and have delivered to or installed in your home.

Some clients do a bit of both, source some things themselves and I supply other things – how we work together is entirely up to you!


Drop Me a Line

So you think I might be the Decorator for you?  Call, or email me and lets have a chat!